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The number one thing my clients say about me is that the moment they meet me, I feel like a friend - and truly, I love that. I believe that to bring out the most in the spaces you've created, our time together needs to feel like catching up with an old friend. 

With interior photography, my focus is to strip away the noise so that your designs can take center stage. My experience as a wedding photographer has helped enhance my eye for detail, capturing memory points that most may overlook. I love the story that each space tells - in the architecture and the complementary interior design. 

My work is sought after by top interior designers in the Charlotte area, commercial and residential builders and developers, and home design bloggers. For more information on how we can work together, please inquire through the contact form below!


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OH, how I love this man! Chance and I were best friends for six years, dated for 6 years, and have been married for a little over a year. Life is so much better with him in it and he is truly my best friend. Together we're mom and dad to our doggo, Winston the Schnoodle!

Winston the Schnoodle

My favorite little peanut! Winston is the 3 year old pupper that runs our house! Half miniature schnauzer and half miniature poodle, he truly is the best dog I've ever met! He helps make days spend editing and working from home a lot more bearable! 

Charleston, South Carolina

Okay, YES, every girl in America says they love Charleston. But truly, this place has a piece of my heart. I packed up my life in two weeks and moved in with a girl I met on Craigslist because I love it THAT MUCH! This city holds some of my favorite memories and we love going back to visit each year!

Being on the Water

As a little girl, we were lucky enough to have a lake house as I was growing up! I spent so many weekends on the lake with my family learning how to ski during the day and playing card games at night. If I'm ever MIA, you can pretty much guarantee I'm somewhere by the water! 


Because when it's all over, truly life is all about spending time with the people that we love. My family and friends mean the absolute world to me.


Traveling is one of the times when I feel most like myself. Despite the fact that I'm constantly going, it forces me to disconnect from things that usually preoccupy my mind and slow down to appreciate all of the beauty around me. A few of my favorite places are Tuscany, Edinburgh, Aruba, NYC, and anywhere on the California coast!

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